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Amazing Facts Philippines presents a transformative journey into the heart of Christian theology with our exclusive study series, “Revelations of God.” From February 3-10, join us every evening at 7 PM as we delve into the profound mysteries of the Trinity. Gain profound insights, unravel theological complexities, and deepen your understanding of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the divine intricacies that shape our faith. Get ready for an enlightening experience that will leave you with a renewed connection to the Triune God!

Join us in person at the new Amazing Facts Philippines Headquarters located at Philippine Publishing House, Leland Drive, Baesa, Caloocan City. The series will also be streamed live on our social media pages and channels.

Sir Kevin Pingol, speaker and director of Amazing Facts Philippines, will be presenting the nightly topics.


The God Mystery

February 3, 7 PM

What are the principles in approaching the Mysteries of God?

The Godhead

February 4, 7 PM

What does the Bible say about God? How does the Bible view the persons of God?

The Father

February 5, 7 PM

What are the attributes of the Father? As a sovereign, what can God do?

The Son of God

February 6, 7 PM

Is Jesus God? How was Jesus described in the Bible?

The Son of Man

February 7, 7 PM

What does the words “only begotten” mean? Is Jesus as Eternal as the Father? How human was Jesus?

The Third Person

February 8, 7 PM

Is the Holy Spirit a person? Is the Holy Spirit God?

The Comforter

February 9, 7 PM

Why did Jesus need to send the comforter? What does the Holy Spirit do to us?


February 10, 11 AM

How long will Jesus be human?


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